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In our ongoing Adult Faith Formation Sessions here at Holy Cross our next endeavor will be an in depth look into the Book of Acts. This will be DVD presentation in the Great Adventure Series of Scripture studies. We will begin these sessions on Acts on March 21, and will post a calendar of dates in the bulletin an d online, and here on our website. Sessions will begin with a short bit of social time at 6:30 pm, and the session will end at approximately 8:15 pm. The series will be a 20 week series, but we will have breaks for Holy Week, and Holidays. The study will take us through to December before the Christmas season. We hope you can join us. A commitment to be at each session is not required, and even attending as many sessions as you are available for will be rewarding to your greater understanding of the Book of Acts, and all of Scripture as well. If you have any questions please call Deacon Chuck at 434-386-1298, or call the parish office.

ACTS: The Spread of  the Kingdom:

March 21,2019            Session 1           Introduction

March 28, 2019           Session 2           Prelude to Power

April 11, 2019             Session 3           The Power of Pentecost

May   9, 2019              Session 4          The Miraculous Power of Jesus 

May 16, 2019              Session 5           The Church Acts with boldness 

May 23, 2019              Session 6           Problems Within, Persecutions Without

May 30, 2019              Session 7           The First Christian Martyr

June 13, 2019             Session 8           Kingdom Borders Expand

June 27, 2019             Session 9           The Persecutor Becomes the Preacher


August 29, 2019          Session 10         St. Peters “Un-Kosher Picnic”

September 12, 2019     Session 11        The Church in Antioch

 September 26, 2019    Session 12         Paul’s First Missionary Journey

October 10, 2019         Session 13         The Jerusalem Council and Paul’s Second Journey

October 17, 2019         Session 14         Converts and Conflicts-Turning the World Upside Down

October 24, 2019         Session  15        Ministry in Corinth, Third Missionary Journey

November 7, 2019        Session 16        Ministry in Ephesus

November 14, 2019      Session 17         Paul Heads for Jerusalem

November 21, 2019      Session 18         Paul Makes His Defense

December 12, 2019      Session 19         Paul’s Final Defense and Witness in Rome

 December 19, 2019     Session 20         Conclusion

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